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Exhibition Live-TV

Exhibition Live-TV

Best of #oewlive from ITB 2018


As a service for the industry, especially for all those who stayed at home, Österreich Werbung (ÖW) offered live broadcasts from Berlin for the second time this year. The results can be seen:

  • 18 live streams in 3 days
  • over 500 minutes (8h 27min) of Live-Streaming
  • achieved a range of more than 225,000 people so far
  • with an average video playback of over 7 minutes
  • 26,200 views on the B2B Facebook channel alone
  • 200 new Fanpage likes and around
  • 164,000 people on Twitter reflected the interest shown by the audience

All live-videos on Facebook or on the ITB-Channel.

Source: Österreich Werbung

STEINER Mediensysteme realized the complete technical infrastructure for the live broadcasts. Camera: Daniel Bogataj, Director: Christian Steiner

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