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Time for a change. Sebastian Kurz.

Time for a change. Sebastian Kurz.

Federal party convent of the new People’s Party.

July 1, 2017

Even STEINER Mediensysteme joins #TeamKurz

At the party convent in the Design Center in Linz, the crew led by director Christian Steiner provided the complete live broadcasting, camera and production technology as well as more than 70 square meters high-resoultion  LED video walls. Not just the approximately 1,500 delegates but also the guests at the event were overwhelmed by the perfect live images.

BPT BSetting

(c) ÖVP

Top Service for all media

For the first time at the federal level the final images of the live transmission were offered to more than 70 national and international media representatives (HD SDI audio embedded). Lots of well-known TV channels such as ORF, ATV, ServusTV and ARD were impressed with the quality of the images and made use of this service provided by the People’s Party.

The previous day, the general secretary Elli Köstinger provided a glimpse into the production area.

Been there, live

In addition, STEINER Mediensysteme fed various social media channels of the political party led by Sebastian Kurz, who has been elected as the new party leader with 98.7%. Three live streams were distributed at the same time. Interested people were able to be “live” directly on the party’s homepage, Facebook profile or on YouTube including sign language interpretation. The live videos reached incredible 50,000 hits during the first few days after publishing them.

Livestream Teil 1

Livestream Teil 2

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