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WCLC: World Congress held in Vienna

WCLC: World Congress held in Vienna

Vienna, December 2016

IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) is the world’s largest convention regarding lung cancer. This year, more than 6,000 participants from about 100 countries met in the Congress Center in Vienna. As the official service partner of the hosting location, STEINER Mediensysteme was responsible for providing all of the AV equipment.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes:

Facts & Figures

3,986 working hours on site
40 rooms ranging from 10 up to 3,500 people

7 km traverses on 80 motors
175 spotlights
5 km power cables

226 speakers
210 microphones
12 km audio cables

620 m² projection screens
31 projectors
1,500 m video cables

110 computers
26 printers
2,500 m IT cables

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